Sunday, February 20, 2011

what shall I write about today?

I had a brilliant idea of what to write earlier today and now it's gone. :( I sord of feel like I am in a fog right now, I hope I am not the only person that does that. I just feel kinda down tonight, no reason really, just kinda blah. :-P So, tonight I think I might just share some random thoughts. If someone follows your blog is it polite to in turn follow theirs? If only one person gets a smile or laugh out of mine, is it worth it? I think so! :) Keegan calls Kirsten "Meme" and his pacifier a "mouth". I am so glad he is finally trying to talk. oh and he signed "cup" today without being prompted! we started using some signs when he was refusing to talk. He still will use a sign or a noise to communicate sometimes instead of talking. It is so cute and funny! Like instead of saying "sleep" he will make a snoring noise or instead of saying "blow" he will just blow. I feel sometimes like I have to translate for him! lol It has been very very windy today. Is it ok to just right about whatever in my blog so then you never what I will say next or does it need to have a subject to stick to like always be about the babies or the family or something? see I am so random tonight. We got to church late today and I felt really horrible about it bc I teach the children's class. We just couldn't seem to get out of the house this am but hey we were all clean and in clean clothes and the babies were wearing their new boots! so it was all good right?

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