Saturday, February 26, 2011

soccer lessons

Chris had is first soccer game today. wow, that was an experience and I learned a few things: 1. we know nothing about soccer! 2. I could be one of those annoying, over picky, my child deserves more than yours parents. I promise I really am not that way and certainly never thought I would be like those parents yelling instructions to coach and child from the sidelines! While I actually did none of that I did have a few spoken quietly to my Honey thoughts like where is Chris, why isn't he playing right now, oh he looks upset why aren't you rushing to him, how does she decide who to put in and why was he taken out so soon? I understand that everybody needs a chance to play but number 10 (who was actually the best player on the team from what I saw) got to play the whole game so naturally shouldn't my Chris, #8 (who has never played soccer before) get to play the whole game too? lol, I don't mean it of course but was a little shocked to find those thoughts entering my head. :) 3. the weather man can always be WRONG! wow, it was so cold! if it is that cold again I am going to make Chris wear something long sleeved under his jersey! They made him take his jacket off bc they needed to see his uniform. 4. I enjoy "kicking the ball around" Cayden and I had a good time just kicking it back and forth while Keegan was digging in the sand and making a mess of himself! 5. some parents take this game VERY seriously! 6. somethings are worth getting up at 7 am on a saturday for! :) Everyone had a good time, Chris really seemed to enjoy playing (or trying to, lol), I had some bonding time with Cayden and I think I might actually be excited for next week's game! :)

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