Saturday, February 26, 2011

McDonald's I am typing and the title box is blank, are you proud of me? Haha OCD tonight I have conquered you! :) ok, yes, I know I am strange. Took the babies to McDonald's today for park day. They had a good time. I was thankful that other moms I trust were there bc within minutes of eating, I felt so sick! Hadn't had nuggets or sweet and sour sauce since my surgery. :( I used to know my body, now I feel so lost and like I could be sick anytime, like I can't really take cre of my family. and embarrassed, so embarrassed that others had to watch out for my babies today, thankful, so very thankful they were there but still embarrassed. it has only been 3 months will it get better? I just don't know. After a little while though, I felt better, we ended up staying at McDonald's so the babies could play till Glenn got of work. (typing one-handed is NOT easy! I keep having to correct ,istakes) cool thin is I met another homeschool mom and we talked, they live in hallsvillle too. (decided to stop correctin, more OCD conquering??) wondere if Ksyson is asleep enough to lay down so I can have two hands? brb..........ok, am back but have been told to go to bed and get some sleep, so I will obey! anyways I really shouldn't stay up so late bc I get the munchies about now!

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