Thursday, October 24, 2013

The Power of God

This is Kirsten's journal entry with a prompt for our first classes with our homeschool group, ETCH.

It started out like any other day in Mr. Mcgregor's garden. But then something very strange happened. The scarecrow blinked once. He blinked a second time. He coughed.....

Then He stood up, off of the cross and walked away. Mr. Mcgregor felt a strange tug at his heart to follow the scarecrow. And as the scarecrow walked into the forest He began to change, He wore a white robe and sandals on His feet. Then His face began to change He had white hair and a glowing light shined around around Him. Mr. Mcgregor was amazed that this scarecrow had become a man. He was astonished and then afraid, and began to tremble. What evil magic is this he thought, what has this world coming to. the man said "it is no evil it is the power of God. And I have come to help you. For you have not been a righteous man and God has a plan for you and everyone on this earth". I must go but you must be a better man Mr. Mcgregor said "who are You to judge me like this", beginning to grow angry. "I am the Son of God, I came to help you". Mr. Mcgregor grew white"how how can You be Jesus? There's no proof". Jesus said"look at My hands and My feet'. Mr. Mcgregor looked there were holes in each one both hands and feet. Mr. Mcgregor dropped to his knees,"leave me Lord for I am a sinful man". Jesus said"I can forgive your sins child if you believe". And while Mr. Mcgregor began to cry" I do Lord I do", and when he looked up Jesus was gone. Mr. Mcgregor stood up and walked back to the garden. When he got there the scarecrow was back on the cross of sticks. Mr. Mcgregor ran to his house, his wife noticing something wrong asked" what's wrong honey". He said" I've seen the Lord and we must change"."Why? Mrs. Mcgregor asked we're fine just the way we are. Mr. Mcgregor frowned and said" we must change". So the Mcgregor family changed and became the most God fearing people in the forest. THE END

p.s. Peter rabbit saw the whole thing and hopped home to change his family and became the most God fearing rabbit family ever.

By Kirsten Derr, Age 12, 10/11/13