Friday, February 4, 2011


Woke up early this am to SNOW and it was sticking! Strange for Texas but it hasn't been above freezing for most of the week! Went back to sleep bc that was like 4 am. Next time I wake up to Honey dressed, ready for work, about to walk out the door, on the phone with a coworker, "Courthouse is closed today so our office is also!" Yea, he gets a SNOW DAY! Babies start waking up, so excited, "look, snow! Daddy why are you still here?" school subject of the day = social studies but Honey wants to watch Spirit, so we decide to talk about how animals and people are treated and what is right and what is wrong and which characters we should act like! Voila, the movie Spirit turned into a social studies lesson! meanwhile it is still snowing outside, I am starting a fire (without a starter log bc I am cool that way!)(ok, maybe I am a little pyro ummm....alot pyro?? I love fire!), and Honey wants pancakes! Then movie over, lesson done, outside time! only for the older 3! Honey takes a nap! back inside, lunch and then my turn to nap with the 2 yr old! up again, dinner and bubble bath time! "look, mommy, I am blowing snow on Keegan!" (it was bubbles) :) well must end this, Kayson woke up hungry! I love SNOW DAYS! Keegan is still awake though but playing quietly in his room. we shall see what tomorrow holds.

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