Monday, February 21, 2011

curriculum share

curriculum is such a funny word, but anyways (lol) in honor of tonight's annual curriculum share at our CHEC meeting, I thought I would share what we use and some thoughts. CHEC is our homeschool group.
ART: I try to have a "class" from time to time and I just sord of do whatever. I am thinking of trying to find someone who could teach Kirsten some things for next year instead of getting her in a sport bc she wants to be an artist!
BIBLE: I love the Bob Jones Bible Truth workbooks and we also use the Visual Bible. I like that the visual Bible quotes the Bible while they act it out. We try to watch a chapter every friday morning.
HISTORY: I really like Christian Liberty Press and Bob Jones. Kirsten will pretty much devour any history book she can get her hands on! :)
LANGUAGE ARTS: We love Learning Language Arts Through Literature. I don't start it till 3rd grade and haven't really decided what to use till then. Used Abeka but wasn't really all that impressed however it is colorful and exciting to look at for active younger boys. :)
MATH: can we just skip this subject and pretend we did it? and can I just say we hated Abeka's math! (for third grade) We have just started using A.C.E. paces and the kiddos really seem excited by them, they seem to explain things very plainly with clear instructions. They are thin books so don't seem as daunting, also they are very colorful. I love the fact that they learn a verse in every pace!
MUSIC: very simple! praise and worship DVDs! :)
P.E.: we alternate between wii fit, walks around the property, jumping on the trampoline and swimming when my parents pool is up and running. We also enjoy CHEC park days. We also want to let the boys do one sport a year. This year Chris is doing soccer and next year Cayden wants to play football!
READING: Kirsten reads ALL the time! like mother like daughter. :) however I still like to have some official reading books that I pick for them. They love the A Beka readers and I like the Rod and Staff or pathways and Bob Jones. I would love a set of the McGuffey readers but haven't been able to afford them yet. :( This subject scares me a little with Cayden, he will be the first I teach to read bc Kirsten and Chris knew how when we pulled them out of school. I may stick with the A Beka phonics program and use some hooked on phonics.
SCIENCE: before 5th grade I use Bob Jones but starting in 5th grade I love the apologia sciences! Kirsten is doing the astronomy this year and I got the notebook that goes with it and she loves to do science! I really think she is learning a lot! I did do purposeful design one year also and loved the layout of it and how much they spoke of God. I would not want to use a secular science program, I am so thankful for good Biblical sciences!
SPELLING: Bob Jones!
WRITING: last year we used a Reason for writing and I love it but this year we are using Bob Jones and I love it too. Chris seems to do better with the Bob Jones, last year he would get bored and take forever to finish one page.
As you might be able to tell my absolute favorite curriculum for most subjects is Bob Jones! :) some of what I use depends on what I find at the used book sales too. So I now need to start my list for next year......

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