Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day!

My 2 oldest made me breakfast in bed; cinnamon toast with paper flowers and a glass of milk! They are so sweet! Went to a Valentine Party and ate lots of chocolate! I took a lasagna to a family that is grieving their son. I have made meals for babies and surgeries and even one for a miscarraige but this was the first time someone had died (how I hate that word). I cried halfway to pick up my babies. I just pray that the Lord would send them angels in this time of need. my heart breaks. Came home to roses and chocolates on the table! my fav brand of chocolates! I love fresh flowers, maybe someday I can actually have a flower garden and fresh flowers on a routine basis for free! learning how to grow food is a first priority though! was thinking oh good stay home tomorrow and then a call from Chris' soccer coach, practices start tomorrow at 5pm! he is excited but I must say I am nervous, he is still very small for an 8 yr old, he is actually about the sz of a 6 yr old so 1) I hope he doesn't get creamed (I have been assured that doesn't happen in soccer?) and 2) that he doesn't let it bother him that he is smaller. I pray whether in soccer or something else that he would find what he is good at and do it well in spite of his size! I hate to see him just give up. We had lasagna for dinner (Honey's gift). He loves it and I have never made one for him so this yr I did. He said it was good! then 2 babies got baths and then bedtime for all! ups and downs but really all in all it WAS a good day. HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY! Give away a hug.

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