Friday, February 18, 2011

letting go

wow, so I actually survived today with minimal worrying! and I didn't call Cayden every 5 minutes! Why? I don't know but I let Cayden go to the zoo with Mimi and Celeste. An hour away for my 4 yr old without a parent or grandparent, this was really a stretch for me! and, and guess what I survived and so did he! He had a great time! Came home with excitement about all the animals he saw, a stuffed owl, a touchy feely book and a new rolly bag! The one time I did call him, he got on the phone, said "Mama, I'm having fun! bye!" lol In the end I am glad he got to go, glad he got to spend the day with his friends, grateful that they love him enough to include him. After picking him up from Mimi's house we met Glenn at Cavender's to buy the babies boots! all of them except Kayson. We didn't tell them what we were doing till we got there! They were so excited! Kirsten got pink, Chris got yellow, Cayden got green and Keegan got blue! The lady there was very helpful and overall seemed very patient but she did make one comment that kinda hit me wrong, maybe it was just me? She told a young girl that worked there, "see this is why I only have one, others populate the world for me" I really wonder what she meant by that. I am telling myself just to let it go that it doesn't matter and maybe she didn't mean it the way I took it. I love my babies and wouldn't trade any of them, not for an easier time in a store, not for a cleaner house, not even for more sleep! Each one adds so much to our family! I love them and love being their mommy. Now Keegan, be quiet and go to sleep! :)

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