Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Crazy Busy Part 4

Fri, June 7th, Glenn had to work, I wasn’t feeling the greatest so I slept in (actually I didn’t start feeling all that much better till sometime the next week!). Kayson was still sick and my other two littles were in Texarkana with my sis so I was missing them! We got the call that Kayson’s x-ray came back clear, PTL! The clinic said go ahead and finish the antibiotic, which we did but later realized that what he had was a virus and the antibiotic didn’t even help. I could say more about this but I think since that is not the point of this post, I will refrain. ☺ We still needed to pack for Edinburg! Then I get a call from my sis that Keegan is not feeling well, very low or no fever, upset tummy but she says go ahead and go on to the funeral, he’ll be fine. So we finish packing, say goodbye to Kayson (he was staying with my mom) and head out. We stopped at Brookshire’s before leaving town to get a few more newspapers bc Honey getting commissioned was in it, with a pic of me pinning him! ☺ While we were there, we discover one of the kittens rode all the way they under our van!!! We finally caught it and called my daddy who met us halfway to take it home! It’s a good thing we stopped there before we got too far! We headed on our way once again, made a stop for dinner and kept going. Around midnight we made it to Houston and decided to find a hotel but soon discovered there was a Bible Bowl and a baseball tournament that weekend and all the hotels were full. On we went. You should have heard our silliness, we were so tired and the olders were having me ask Siri all kinds of questions! lol! After Houston we found a hotel and crashed for a few hours! Whew! Sat, June 8th, Up early to finish our travels to make it in time for the 2 o clock funeral. Was so thankful for free breakfast at the hotel before we hit the road. Sometime Glenn remembers he left his funeral clothes hanging in our closet! Oh NO! So we found a Burke’s outlet and stopped in there. Everyone got something, it was a fun stop and on we went. The further south we got almost made us feel like we had entered another country. ☺ We kept seeing cars being towed, some behind mini vans, some were pulling more than one car at a time. We passed the checkpoint on the other side that we would have to make it through on the way home, I was like, Honey are you sure we are still in Texas? lol. We sure were seeing some pretty scenery, too. Then we couldn’t find the church and we had to call them for directions, then we had to stop and change clothes and we barely made it there but we made it! It was so sweet, Uncle Henry was so special! It was good to see family, especially since we had missed the reunion this year. On the way to the graveside I called to check on Keegan and my sis said he was not doing well at all, had thrown up, was running a low temp, wouldn’t get out of bed, wasn’t drinking, I didn’t know what to do, we couldn’t get back, we were about 13 hrs away! That was so hard! We decided she would call after hours care and call me back. My parent’s were headed that way too for Sun. I told them to call Glenn’s phone, it was on vibrate, bc I was leaving mine in the van and we went to the graveside. I had to step far away from everyone though when the call came, I HATED to take a call during something so sacred, if it had been for any other reason I never would have! I was so worried someone would think I didn’t care or was being rude! I was also so worried about Keegan and so heartbroken that I was so far, and we had forgot to leave ins info with my sis or a medical release! After care nurse said to watch him for dehydration and that it was just (JUST!?! Yea, right!) a virus. Back to the graveside, where we could smell Uncle Henry’s favorite Burger King cooking. Afterwards Uncle Henry’s little great-grand daughter was collecting flowers from the arrangements and then came up to Chris and wanted him to dance with her and held his has hand and announced this was her prince! It was sooooo cute and he was so sweet about it all, walking her to her car and everything! Afterwards we all went to eat at the Burger King. Also found out that one family member who had already headed home and went through the check point witnessed a trunk load of illegals getting caught. Kirsten was like oh, cool, maybe we’ll see something like that and I was thinking no thank you! lol. Then we visited with more family, ate at IHOP before getting back to the hotel late. Sun, June 9th, Keegan had perked up some when Papaw (my daddy) got to my sis’s house and he was finally keeping some Gatorade down. My parent’s weren’t going to be back to the property till late that evening so we knew we didn’t have to rush home, still had a LONG drive, though! We took the olders to a big McDonald’s close to the hotel they had seen and asked to go to for breakfast. It was a really nice one, with a big play area and nice big booths, real long, we could’ve fit our whole family at one! We stopped by a fruit stand we passed. Made it through the border patrol checkpoint without any interesting happenings. We decided to stop in Corpus Christi for a walk on the beach, my idea, I knew we couldn’t stay long but I just wanted to feel the sand and waves, even if only for a little while! We went by a souvenir shop first and got some surprises for the littles and then the wonderful walk on the beach! I just LOVE the beach! I have went back to those few brief minutes many times since then! I can almost hear the waves and feel the sand as I type. So beautiful! Then lunch at Subway before getting back on the road and wouldn’t you know it was right next to a marble slab and Honey was like you got the beach, I get to get ice cream! lol. Then he told the olders they could get anything they wanted! That might’ve been the first time they have ever heard those words! They really had a big weekend! ☺ As we were sitting outside eating our ice cream we notice a storm rolling in so we finish up and get on our way. It was my turn to drive, the GPS got me kinda confused and then we saw a stand selling beef jerky and stopped for Glenn to get some, by this time the storm was almost upon us! I got through it though! Then right before Houston we switched drivers again bc I was NOT driving through there! On we went. Somewhere along the way we switched drivers again and I drove the rest of the way home. We got home around 10:30 or so, shortly after my parents had arrived home with the littles! It was so good to see them and that the two youngest were ok for myself! They were both still running fevers (high ones now) but they were so glad to see us and us, them! Keegan was at least up some and eating and holding things down so I know he was ok even with the fever and Kayson was fine as long as he had motrin in him, it was just so good to hold him! At this point I was pretty sure I would never ever ever let them out of my site ever again!!! It was a long full weekend, with good and bad but most definitely one we will not forget! Next post will conclude our crazy busy series of postings.