Wednesday, February 16, 2011

I didn't get shot! maybe it was a good day!

I do think things look better in a fresh new morning! I didn't get the blog typed last night bc I was sent to bed with a headache so I find myself this am typing one handed as I wait for babies to wake up so we can get this fresh new day started. Yesterday really was just horrible but as I write I will try to find thins in which to be thankful for. I guess I just wasn't feelin 100% yesterday, didn't want to get out of bed but finally did. Guess I should be thankful I have a bed to get out of! Then there was the math fight with my daughter, I don't know which number goes first, the big one or the small one, she was doing subtraction! she is in fifth grade! Hello, we have done this before! She had just done a whole pae of three digit subtraction, she knows this! but this was a word problem and she HATES word problems! When she came to me she had done 306-74=82 and 74-306=368, WHAT WAS SHE THINKING? I still have no clue except for the idea that she was just looking for an excuse to cry and get out some frustration and believe me cry she did! and yell, yes I did! Hello, monster mommy, once again you were invited and showed your ugly face and I hope you don't come back ever again! even if a child invites you over feel free to decline! I suppose the thankfulness comes when I am met at the door (took Keegan to my mom's for a nap) by a very repentful, sorrowful daughter asking for forgiveness, I (AAAHHHHH......had this all finished and all typed out, hit publish and it all disappeared! only this first part was left, so here I go again but it will have to be fast bc now my babies are all awake and we need to get this fresh new day started!) So Kirsten and I made up and hugged and cried and she turned in a mistake free math paper! Then when I went to take Chris to his very first ever soccer practice we ended up driving around south longview (the BAD part of town, bars on windows, run down, dirty houses, scary looking people on the corners!) for 45 minutes trying to find the right park, finally find this little park (no sign with a name) where a bunch of kids are playing soccer, yea we are in the right place and only an HOUR late! he got to practice for about 20 min while I sat and nursed Kayson but hey he was happy! and then Kayson screamed the whole way home, I think he was tired of being in his seat! but in all of this I am thankful that Chris still had a good time, that Mama had dinner ready for us when we got home, that she held Kayson and gave him some juice so I could eat, that Honey sent me straight to bed when he got home and most importantly that while we were driving in south longview I DID NOT GET SHOT!

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