Wednesday, February 2, 2011

day 2 of this new blogging venture

Life is so crazy with 5 precious kiddos but I can't imagine it any other way! It's still below freezing in Texas, I think this has been the strangest winter, possibly the coldest I can remember. I started #1 and #2 on math paces today (A.C.E.). so far so good. I like how their directions are so straight forward. Kirsten did want to know who her "supervisor" was! :) Kayson had yogurt for breakfast today and really seemed to enjoy it! He watches us eat now and laughs when the spoon touches his lips! too cute! Cayden has a crossed eye and has to wear bifocals and a patch so I make sure he has them on this am and a little while later he comes out and wants to know if he can take his patch off so I check the time and then look at him and the patch is on the wrong eye!! he had switched it! oh, my Cayden, my precious little Cayden, sometimes how I worry about him! we have a doc appt on the 17th to check his size. too cold to go out for P.E. so we did P.E. on the wii fit today. the 2 yr old weighs more than the 4 yr old! and Cayden has lost some weight. I think mainly bc he had the flu about a week and a half ago and didn't eat real well. Also just realized today that I haven't been giving him ranch with every meal and he has just stopped eating. We will be correcting the ranch situation tomorrow! he has to eat! well, I think the house is finally asleep and it is my turn! more later.

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