Wednesday, February 16, 2011

some funnies, well at least one! :D

ok, so yesterday was so horrible I even forgot to tell Glenn this one, ok ,so yesterday am I go to swat Keegan (for what I can't remember) and he is wet! So, I ask Chris to get a clean diaper and clean clothes on him well when Chris took his pants off, there was NO diaper! So I asked Kirsten, "are you sure you put one on him after his bath last night?" and she assured me she did. I walk into the boys room and there it is DRY on the floor by his bed! He must have taken his pants off, then the diaper and then put his pants back on! His bed was DRY too. Oh my what shall I do with these boys?! lol wonder if we will be potty training soon? He is showing some signs of readiness but Mama is NOT ready, not after the time I had with Cayden! I should be in bed but instead I just watched the first five episodes of "Everybody Loves Raymond" that show is hilarious! We borrowed season one from my sis. I am turning the TV off now so I can finish this and et in bed bc although I love to sit by myself in a quiet house, I am about to fall asleep at the keyboard! and I know eventually Kayson will wake up hungry and I will wish I had gotten in bed sooner. All day I think oh I should write about that, but when I actually sit down to write, I can't think of a thing to say! I thought about making notes throughout the day? ok, I am rambling now, bedtime!

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