Saturday, February 5, 2011

3rd Annual Sam's Trip

Sitting here watching my family bring in all our loot. The 2 yr old is helping carry what he can and drumming on the things he can't! the 4 yr old says' "mama, I did hard work!" to which the 2 yr old echos, "hard, hard" Kirsten chose to let me hold Kayson so she could help carry which means I am typing this one-handed. We do this trip once a year with part of our income tax return. It really helps throughout the year not to have to worry about where we will find the money for things like toilet paper and laundry soap. As for storing it all, we get very creative finding places for it all; closet in the bathroom, stacked in the laundry room, on top of the fridge and under sinks! every year we have been a little more organized about what we buy, even making a list of what and how much of everything we bought last yr, taking inventory before we went this yr (seeing what we bought too much of or not enough of) and taking a revised list of what and how much we wanted to get this yr. A small fortune and almost 3 hrs later here is what we came home with (give or take a few items): toothpaste, 2 large jars chocolate milk powder, syrup, ketchup (maybe this yr we will remember it is in the pantry!), spam, 2 jars ranch mix powder, 2 lrg jars parmesean cheese, lemon pepper, cinnamon, 40 lbs sugar, dishwasher soap, trash bags, 4 boxes contact solution, swiffer pads, grape jelly, dawn, 6 jugs of tide, foil, shower gel, jet dry, formula, envelopes, gummy flintstones vitamens (I use these too), shampoo, socks, 6 boxes wipes, ziploc bags (gallon and sandwich), papertowels, diapers, 6 packages toilet paper (36 rolls in each), mac & cheese, 4 jugs downy, 4 boxes instant breakfast, 3 pkg clorox wipes, lemonade, advil, tylenol, clorox wand refills (had to go to walmart and buy the wand), and batteries. 131 items in all! You should have seen us, I was pushing a buggy and Glenn was wearing Kayson (with the Moby) while pushing one of those big flat things, both full! so glad that is done for another yr! :)

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