Thursday, February 17, 2011

I love my life!

I just want to say I love my life! I love being a mother, I love my husband, I love waking up to a cuddly baby, I love hearing "mama, mama", I love little hands on my face, wet kisses, mischievious grins. I even love the urge to laugh when I should be furious! I have hard days and their are screams and tears and spankings but what each child brings into this family far outweighs any negatives! I feel like we enter the ghetto for Chris' soccer practice and even Kirsten said, "we're the only white people here!" (which wasn't entirely true but almost!) but they don't seem to care and those parents watch their children and even one of the hispanic dads got to Keegan first when he got smacked in the face by the metal bar of the merry go round thingy. (yes he was ok but he cried and had a red mark on his cheek! and I was running to him but that dad was closer). Chris however hasn't even seemed to notice the lack of white people there. :) ok, I know how this must sound and I promise I am NOT prejudiced! I really love all people! I promise! however I am learning (maybe that's why God wants Chris on this soccer team?) that I really find it easier to "love" people on my comfort zone, when they are in the "right" neighborhood, when I am not worried about guns! But we are called to love ALL! and I feel accepted, I see a sense of family and watch that they love their children and they watch out for all the children. They talk to mine too and hold the baby and make sure Keegan is ok and push Cayden on the swing and kick a ball around with him, even Kirsten met some girls to play with. Yes, the neighborhood still scares me but I am reminded that normal families live here, people just like us, families! Lord, help me to push aside my fear and just LOVE, please keep us safe and help me to rest in your protection and our family to learn what we need in this season. In Jesus Name, AMEN.

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