Wednesday, February 23, 2011

another funny

Here's another funny about Keegan, last night (after the babies were in bed!) Glenn and I were watching Everybody Loves Raymond, the episode in the first season where they are at a funeral and Ray tells Robert not to make his funeral noise (a big honking type sound) and just as Robert makes the noise, Keegan comes walking in and crawls up in his daddy's lap and starts making the noise! We just busted out laughing, it was so cute! of course we promptly paused the show and returned him to bed bc that is NOT a kid friendly program. Keegan is so funny and so different from the other kiddos. It is amazing to me how different they are from each other, each one is so unique and just adds so much to our family. Keegan is at the stage where his personality is really coming out. He is also into everything, all the time. If he is quiet then you had better find him! He loves to take naps with his Marmie. It is nice that they live right next door, he goes over for a nap almost everyday. He has been so cute today with Kayson, making him laugh and wanting to hold him. He actually said, "hold". Kayson loves Keegan so much, he was just smiling and laughing at him. oh, and Keegan rolled over, tummy to back. He hasn't had as much tummy time yet as the others, I hope he still learns everything he needs to on time (you know, like, how to crawl. Well, I better go, he is waking up.

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