Sunday, February 20, 2011

laundry day

woke up this am and decided that something HAD to be done about the Derr laundry mountain so after a few hours of sorting, bagging and loading, Kirsten and I set out on a laundry mat adventure. Glenn was left home with the boys to do a hair cut and baths! oh yea and while Kirsten was helping sort and bag, Chris was cleaning the van, he did an excellent job too! before I continue this story and spill all the gory details, let me lay a little round work; laundry was caught up right around Thanksgiving and then I had surgery and couldn't reach into the washer bc I would hit my incision. then came Glenn's surgery and then the flu! only enough laundry was getting done to keep us barely in clean clothes! I also realized yesterday that carseat covers were in desperate need of a good cleaning and figured while I was at it we would strip ALL the beds. might as well do it right, right? so, off we go in a van full of nine big garbage bags full of dirty clothes! took 8 washing machines (2 were the maxi loads that holds about 5 regular loads) also took us around 4 hours and about $45! we were getting so hot and thirsty (no vending machines there!) and in walks my daddy with two waters! Oh I wanted to shout! he also stayed and helped us fold and load. wow, what a big job that was! it still has to be put away but it is clean! I am exhausted! but babies are sleeping in clean beds tonight! I think it it time I joined them.

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