Wednesday, March 14, 2012


I reallly, very much, gravely dislike commercials - they can be so full of slander and condescending and competitive and just outright inappropriate! Even children's shows will have scary or sensual commercials to the point I just cringe when my children watch. We have almost nearly banned any public TV from the childrens. I remember a time when commercials were annoying but innocent. I can still sing some of the catchy phrases! lol. I do not think any company or person should ever be able to publicly proclaim horrible things about their competitors. Tell us wonderful things about you or your product but do so without putting down your competition! and we wonder why school kiddos think bullying is ok!! What parent in their right mind would allow their child (of any age) to model underwear?!? so sad. ok, I think that's all of that for now. I just think it is so sad what is so readily accepted, what we mindlessly ignore (and we are ALL guilty of it from time to time). It's amazing just how influential media (tv, internet, music, etc) is in our lives and how we don't even realize it. You know it's not like a person that invests time into yo, we can see that, we are aware of it, we'll say yea, we think this or believe that bc of so and so but media just word of sneaks in and one day you wake up with a different mindset and you don't even realize it. We just need to be careful for our children, these precious ones on loan from God. ok, really that's it, I am falling asleep at the computer so it must be time for bed.