Tuesday, February 1, 2011

trying my hand at this thing called blogging

Hello, out there. I don't know how interested anyone is in what I have to say but I have always sord of thought writing would be fun and have loved to journal so here goes. Two sentences and everything I was thinking of saying has flown out of mind, not a good start to this, is it? So I guess I should tell you who we are, we are a family of 7, a mom, a dad and 5 babies! Kirsten is 10 and such a wonderful Mama's helper. Chris is 8 and the clown of the house. Cayden is 4 and our serious thinker. Keegan is 2 and lives up to his name (it means fiery, passionate)! Kayson is 4 months old and such a sweetie pie, happy baby! 1 girl and 4 boys make for extremely interesting days around here. Glenn (the daddy) is a Juvenile Probation Officer and has just started back to school to get his master's. I, Hollie, (the mommy) am a cook, housecleaner (debatably), teacher (yes, we homeschool!), nurse, referee, disciplinarian, counselor, chauffer, cow (lol), and everything else that comes with stay home motherhood. I think that must be us in a nutshell. So, if you want to follow us through this journey, I will try to post daily. no promises though, life happens. :) I think I will end this now on a rare COLD (18) night in Texas. sleep well.

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