Wednesday, February 9, 2011

It is You, Father...

so since I am having very unchristianlike thoughts towards the stupid fed ex people that can't seem to do their job right and want to lie to us and I don't think that should really take over tonight's blog I leave you with another poem I wrote. enjoy...

It is You, Father...
by Hollie Derr

Inside of me.
I want others to see.
Whose power I feel.
Who makes my life real.
Who I see everyday.
To whom I pray.
Of whom I speak.
Whose peace I seek.
Who lifts me high,
To soar the sky.
Whom I see in strife.
Who holds together my life.
On whom I depend
and all my love send.
It is You, Father...
Who is awesome forever.

Yes, Father I even want the fed ex peoples to see you in me! Now, to make these angry thoughts go away, Lord, It's not about the pkg, what makes me so mad is the lies and uncaring attitudes but Lord I know that you still love them and I need you to help me to love them too, even in my thoughts. Amen

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