Wednesday, February 23, 2011

our day

wake up, try to go back to sleep, baby wakes up, feed him, he's awake, doze off while trying to keep him entertained without getting out of bed, other kiddos start waking up, tell the 2 olders to start on spelling, get a phone call or 20! :) In other words talk to everyone on the planet! lol check tiny chef while sitting on the phone and also check FB, in between phone calls check spelling work, give a spelling test, yell at boys, change a diaper or two, finally, finally make your way out of bed, make sure teeths are brushed, hairs are brushed and beds are made, try to teach the babies a new game, check email periodically, loan sis little house season 5, get invited to Mama's for lunch, tuna! I love Tuna! hang out there till honey gets home from school around 9 or so, put babies to bed, do nails with daughter, watch everyone loves raymond (2 yr old walks out at the funeral scene where his brother is making this honking noise that he always does at funerals and the two year old climbs in daddy's lap and starts making the Funeral noise! laughing so hard he doesn't get sent back to bed immediately. lol) nurse a hungry baby, Honey goes to bed, 4 year old wakes up crying, he has to go teetee, walk him to the potty, take him back to bed, I think he was half asleep the whole time! now baby is hungry again and I am being ordered to bed oh yea and just realized forgot the daily switching of the laundry.

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