Wednesday, July 6, 2011

My Keegan!

My precious Keeegan, how I miss thee! I hope you are getting better under Marmie's care, there is a piece of me missing without you here with us. I didn't get to go to church tonight bc Cayden is sleeping so I thought I would write to you. You have so much passion and I just love your smile. I hope I don't start crying while I type. I love your hair! I know some people want me to cut it, but I love it! especially how it curls when it gets wet. so cute! Sometimes I wish I could see in your brain, what you're thinking! like why do you call Kirsten "Dorothy"? You can say Kirsten and you used to call her Mimi! the only place I can think of that you have heard that name is wiggles but I can't figure out why you would associate your sister with a green dinosaur! ha! I was so scared when we couldn't get your temp to stay down and had to take you to the ER. I am so glad we didn't wait! when I think about what could've happened, it just scares me to pieces! We chose you're name for you bc it means fiery, passionate and you are! I know you love Kayson but he ix very sensitive and just doesn't ike to be yelled at right in his face, I know you are just playing but it scares him! I was just thinking if you were here at camp with us, we would have probably already had you at the nurses station for rolling down the hill on the way to our cabin! You would've needed your monkey on just to walk from the cabin and back! I pray protection over you and that you would learn some caution (without any serious side effects!). It really scared me to hear how you jumped in the pool without a floaty on! I am so glad Chris was there to save you and that he moved quickly! I pray next time you wait for a floaty and for mama or daddy! We first heard your name in the movie No More Baths and loved it. Your middle name is after your Uncle Kelly. Sean, just spelled different than his but y'all both have the same initials. I think that is neat! I love you baby boy! love your mama!

Friday, July 1, 2011

to my precious precious Cayden

aw my little Cayden, what shall mama say about you? wow, I just love to see your brain working and talk to to you. I never know what you are going to say next, I love those little windows into your brain! I am so proud to be your mama I just love you so much! I hope you start to really listen and obey me because you are testing my patience right now! I love though to see you interact with your little brothers, I love how you care for them and love them. so sweet. I wonder what you will be when you grow up? I know you love music and I was really amazed yesterday when you were bouncing the soccer ball off your head. I am so sad that you haven't been feeling well this week, I hope you are well soon. I wonder if you are excited about going to camp, do you even understand what that means? I am sorry you have to wear glasses and a patch but I am so proud of you and how easily you have adapted to them. I know you get tired of them sometimes but my prayer is that they prevent you from needing surgery on your eyes. I remember rocking you to sleep every night and you wanted that warm bottle of milk till you were about 2 and 1/2 but you never took a pacifier, you are the only one that never wanted one. Oh, but you loved your "rainbow" laying under it with all your toys hanging, you would just play and play. You are my little Linus, always carrying your daddy's baby blanket everywhere. :) I wish I could fix it for you or find you another one similar. That and your piggy that is exactly like Kirsten's. :) I am still amazed that we found it at goodwill and that Meme and Papa just happened to be with us that day so they could buy it for you since they bought Kirsten hers. I have no idea how y'all tell them apart!I love to cuddle with you and hold you and kiss you. You are so smart. I loved how concerned you were when Sis. Tichia took Kayson outside the church and you made sure we knew! :) always take care of your little brothers. Never forget how special you are. I believe that God has wonderful plans for life! Everyone says how sweet ad kind and smart you are and that just makes me so very proud and I really feel extremely blessed to play a part in making you the best Cayden you can be. I know sometimes you want to do things your way and sometimes that is ok but sometimes I really need you to listen and obey and you need to do it my way. sometimes I just need you dot do what I say when I say it and save your questions for later! but I know you are only almost 5 and one day you will get their. wow, I can't believe you are starting kindergarten in a month! you can already right and spell your name and you will be learning to read and do simple math and you are just getting so big! I love you my baby boy! love. Mama