Saturday, February 12, 2011

One Crazy Day....

got up this am, thinking about those baths we didn't get last night and decided we could NOT leave this house without first getting clean! So we were late to the 930 playdate BUT we were ALL clean! :) It was a preschool playdate so I had Kirsten and Chris take their language arts (it was neat to have the ipad for them to look stuff up on!) Then we headed to park day at McDonalds bc it was too chilly to go to a park and I thought we would get there a tad early and just eat lunch there. I can feed us all for under $12 if we don't get nuggets, nuggets are crazy expensive. Cayden (my ranch baby) of course wanted ranch and Kirsten wanted sweet and sour (she eats her french fries with it) so I sent her to the front to get some. She comes back with ranch but no sweet and sour (I think she wanted to cry) and says we have to pay for it bc we didn't get nuggets. WHAT?? I go up to the front and say, "I need some sweet and sour" the lady hands me 2 and says usually you're supposed to pay for it if you don't get nuggets to which I respond "I never have before!" I was NOT happy! I told Glenn next time I go in there before I order I am going to ask if we will be able to get sweet and sour with our fries and if they say no or you have to pay for it then I will turn around and walk out and take my babies and my $ to chick fil a! they give as much sauce as you want! they even ask if you need any and say "my pleasure" (which I love to hear!) :) no one came to park but the babies still enjoyed playing and I got to mess with the ipad some (free wifi). Then we left there and went to budget optical bc Cayden's new glasses needed some slight adjustment. I was wearing Kayson and holding Cayden's hand while Kirsten had Keegan on his monkey leash. I love the lady there, she is so sweet and thorough and very patient! Then it was on to wal-mart to get Kirsten some (ssshhhh....) deoderant! wow she is growing up so fast, I could just cry! finally we were on our way home where we spent a fairly guiet evening enjoying one another. Glenn and the babies were watching interactive books on the ipad. Glenn hadn't heard of the grover book "the monster at the end of this book" I thought everyone had! he laughed so hard! so many memories! loved that book as a child and remember reading it to Bridgit. I really enjoy being a big sis! Now peace and quiet, bedtime! PTL! :)

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