Saturday, February 13, 2016

Going Home Day, 11-25-15

We were actually slow getting up this day.  Watched some TV, made a last small fire, Cayden rode his bike, we were lazy, just soaking in the last few moments of camping.  We ate lunch outside and then got everything packed up and everyone loaded up and headed home.  That's an advantage of camping close to home, the leaving morning doesn't have to be rushed bc there's not a long drive home.  that's nice.  :)  We fed the pelicans before we left, then went on a phone hunt!  Chris thought his was in his pocket and then it wasn't and after walking the grounds, we finally found he had actually left it in the RV!  LOL.  *rolls eyes*  The little boys rode home with Glenn and when we both got there, Glenn said he had to pull over bc Keegan accidentally dropped his stuffed police dog "Maximus" out the window!  He was so upset but Honey found Maximus and the dog survived the whole ordeal!  Whew!  LOL.  Willow was so glad to see everyone, she was sooooooo hyper!  lol  We are so looking forward to our next camping trip!  :)

Friday, February 12, 2016

camping day 4, 11-24-15

Oh my, why do we always wake up so EARLY while camping?!?  lol, seems we are almost always just about up with the sun!  ALL of us!  Maybe its the close quarters, or that more sun shines in or that we are just excited to be out in nature or perhaps we sleep better bc we are more relaxed and need less.  I don't know what it is but I know it is!  lol  Pancakes for breakfast this day.  Daddy makes the pancakes!  He's the pancake maker!  :)  Keegan asked, "Can I go out in the wild and find some leaves and stuff?  I know my way back."  I love how much my babies love the outside when we are camping.  At home sometimes its so easy to just stay in, camping kind of forces us to really get in touch with the outdoors and we all really enjoy that!  I feel closer to my family to while we are out there.  We can really just focus on us and its great!  We ate lunch outside.  Enjoyed a game of Apples to Apples (we played it backwards) with the olders while the littles played at the playground.  Then Glenn took the older ones on a bike ride to the nearest convenience store to pick up marshmallows that someone forgot to buy!  Isn't that a camping necessity?!  How in the world did I forget those?  I did though!  but o-well they got a good memory out of it!  :)  Then there was cooking dinner and of course some country music to help with the cooking!  Dessert of course was roasted marshmallows.  I like mine burned!  :)

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

camping day 3 , 11-23-15

oops, I forgot to finish blogging our camping trip!  lol, Let's see what I can remember (I took a few notes, so I have a little help!)  We all played with a play dough set we won from Toys R Us.  The littles were super excited and kept calling it play doh land or world!  lol.  I had forgotten how much I like play doh.  lol  This trip, Kayson discovered his shadow!  He was talking to it and trying not to walk on it and wondering where it went at night!  We enjoyed dinner outside by the fire and then I did some crocheting for Christmas.  I love sitting by a campfire and being in nature.  The people just across the road from our campsite put up a big white sheet and projected a movie onto it.  That was neat!  We could sit at our campfire and see it and even hear if we were real quiet.  :)

Saturday, November 28, 2015

camping day 2, 11-22-15

Wow, this day started out COLD!  Love it!  Willow woke us before 7 barking, dumb dog!  lol  We had her inside the pop up with us and the electric heater since the night was so so cold.  Then a little later in the morn while we were sitting out by the fire and she was on her chain, all the sudden Glenn says How did she get off?!  and there she was running towards the deer in the woods!  So we sent her home with daddy!  Since the morning was too cold to sit outside comfortably, especially without a good fire yet, we let the kiddos watch Home while breakfast was being prepared.  "We must demonstrate our affections later!" - Oh   I love this movie!  :)  I went to make cinnamon toast for breakfast and discovered we didn't have the cookiesheet that fits in the oven!  Then Keegan decided he wanted a drink from the cooler and walked out in the almost freezing temps with no jacket, no shoes and in shorts!!!  A little later he even trekked to the bathroom with no shoes on!  Daddy tried to make some Jiffy pop over the fire, it tasted good but took longer and burned a little in some spots.  I walked Kayson to the playground and he talked to his shadow and later on a trip to the bathroom at night he was playing with his shadow in the light from my phone!  I think he has officially discovered his shadow!  :)  I wanted to get a video but when I tried it turned the bright light off and his shadow disappeared so that didn't work!  lol.  Daddy gave Kayson a short ride on his handle bars.  Kayson really enjoyed that!  :)  We had fried potatoes and steak for lunch.  Daddy took the potato peels and put them in foil with butter and salt and then put them on the fire.  Yum!  they were so good!  Chris ate three helpings!  :)  We ate lucnh outside before daddy had to head home so he could work the next day.  It was a good day!  We just love camping and being out in nature.  Also I love the camper and popup, I like having locking doors and heat so I don't have to worry about babies getting cold while we sleep.

Tuesday, November 24, 2015

camping day 1, 11-21-15

Here's a few highlights from our first day, in no particular order.  lol  Daddy stayed at the campsite with the babies while Glenn and I ran into Walmart.  I had forgot some "necessities" in our fridge at home, ketchup and ranch among them.  I know there are those that would disagree but with four boys in a small space we find a TV and DVD player a necessity so when the RV DVD player went out  we felt it was a necessity to drive to walmart instead of the closest convenience store!  :)  Daddy took the babies for a bike ride while we were gone and then we got a call as we were checking out that we needed a better collar for Willow bc she had got loose and went for a swim and it took them 20 min to catch her!!!  So Glenn found a harness that we thought would work!  Well after we were back and she had it on, she got loose again!  So Glenn tightened the harness.  There are lots of deer out here.  they are such pretty creatures!  We took a nature walk and saw the lake, collected acorns, took pics, threw acorns at each other, saw the pelicans.  I just love being out here.  Oh, and the power was out for a few hours and my phone needed charged so my daddy let me use his portable charger thing, that was really cool!  now I want one!  :)  After the walk, before dinner my daddy roasted acorns just bc, they got real shiny before cracking open.  The kids really thought watching them roast was neat!    After dinner we had game night with Golf, Apples to Apples and Jiffy Pop as a snack.  The littles really thought the Jiffy Pop was neat, it was their first time to see it!  :)

Sunday, November 22, 2015

leave for camping 11-20-15

It's today, it's today, it's today!  We leave for camping today!  We realized it had been over a year since the last time we had been camping, oh how we have missed it!  The goal for the day is just to get to the campground.  We have two campsites for the weekend, one for the RV thats staying the whole time and one for the pop up that is leaving Sun with daddy.  Glenn and I are staying the first two nights in the pop up and then we will move to the RV for the rest of the time.  :)  The morning starts with daddy at work, Glenn at training and Kirsten at school for a half day.  We are still getting used to having to plan things around a school schedule.  I still needed to pack clothes and get the groceries!  By the time we got all done and were pulling out of the property with the first vehicle going, it was almost 5!  It would be dark by the time we arrived at the campground.  Glenn was coming with the second vehicle and Willow after he was out of training.  When I went to get dinner ready I realized I had forgot to grab some things out of our fridge!  The ketchup and RANCH!  That means tomorrow a store run will be necessary!  But dinner was good and easy, turkey sandwiches!  Then we were all exhausted and decided to head to bed!  Good night!  :)  Actually now it is Sun am and I am going to get my crocheting and join my daddy by the fire before it is time to start lunch!  :)

Thursday, August 13, 2015

Smart Phone Guilt???

So I saw this post (by a page, I'm not picking on a friend!) yesterday about how children feel sad and mad and hurt when their parents check their phones, Facebook, games, etc.  like all parents are horrible if they spend any time doing these things!  I did not read the full article, skimmed it.  It kinda aggravates me, the guilt trip, as if we really need more of those.  Also, do the writers of such articles actually believe it will change the parents that need it?  It will just make the good parents scared they are failing and those that need to see it will ignore.  I get it, it's supposed to be an encouragement to get parents to actually pay attention to their offspring bc there are those that never do but that is an underlying problem that the device only perpetuates.  A problem certain types of parents have had for generations, in other words, it is NOT a new  issue!  The real issue does not lie in the device's hands!  (lol).  I spend my fair share amount of time on devices.  It is no secret that I love FB, SimCity and Soda Crush!  I don't doubt on occassion I enjoy mine a tad more than I should.  However, when I'm sitting by the sick child who wants me near but doesn't need my undivided attention bc they are just laying there resting and they don't feel good enough to talk and I only have one hand bc the other is rubbing a back, I should not feel guilty for checking a device.  When I'm at the table waiting for a child to finish a school assignment, they need my presence as a reminder to actually work but they do not need my attention, I should not feel guilty for checking FB, playing a game, etc.  As I'm cooking and have a few minutes before the next step, again, there should be no guilt.  If any know me, you know I believe in spending as much time as possible with your children.  I believe children are to be enjoyed and cherished, loved, it all goes by so fast  but I also know the flipside too.  I know the stress and the fear.  I know the noise and the endless neediness.  I know the need to wind down, to remind yourself there is more to life than your family and what happens in the walls of your house.  To remember how blessed you are.  Just to take a few moments and remember that you are a person too with your own likes and your own thoughts and your needs.  So, to all the parents out there that check your devices in front of your kids but you still listen to the stories, play the games, eat as a family, go to the park, act as their chauffer, to those parents I say, check on guilt free!  You are teaching your children, you are teaching them you how to manage their time, you are teaching them it's ok to see to their needs, you are teaching them it's ok to enjoy life.  When you post special things about them and they know, you are showing them that you care, that you are proud of them.  Mine will ask me to post pics sometimes.  lol  Also, mine like to watch me play my games, they'll climb in my lap and ask questions or tell me what moves to make.   The younger ones like to look at yarn-y pics with me, they'll ask me to search for certain things or characters.  I think its a special time.  :)  So, enjoy and let go of the guilt, love your children and use your devices responsibility.   :-D