Thursday, August 13, 2015

Smart Phone Guilt???

So I saw this post (by a page, I'm not picking on a friend!) yesterday about how children feel sad and mad and hurt when their parents check their phones, Facebook, games, etc.  like all parents are horrible if they spend any time doing these things!  I did not read the full article, skimmed it.  It kinda aggravates me, the guilt trip, as if we really need more of those.  Also, do the writers of such articles actually believe it will change the parents that need it?  It will just make the good parents scared they are failing and those that need to see it will ignore.  I get it, it's supposed to be an encouragement to get parents to actually pay attention to their offspring bc there are those that never do but that is an underlying problem that the device only perpetuates.  A problem certain types of parents have had for generations, in other words, it is NOT a new  issue!  The real issue does not lie in the device's hands!  (lol).  I spend my fair share amount of time on devices.  It is no secret that I love FB, SimCity and Soda Crush!  I don't doubt on occassion I enjoy mine a tad more than I should.  However, when I'm sitting by the sick child who wants me near but doesn't need my undivided attention bc they are just laying there resting and they don't feel good enough to talk and I only have one hand bc the other is rubbing a back, I should not feel guilty for checking a device.  When I'm at the table waiting for a child to finish a school assignment, they need my presence as a reminder to actually work but they do not need my attention, I should not feel guilty for checking FB, playing a game, etc.  As I'm cooking and have a few minutes before the next step, again, there should be no guilt.  If any know me, you know I believe in spending as much time as possible with your children.  I believe children are to be enjoyed and cherished, loved, it all goes by so fast  but I also know the flipside too.  I know the stress and the fear.  I know the noise and the endless neediness.  I know the need to wind down, to remind yourself there is more to life than your family and what happens in the walls of your house.  To remember how blessed you are.  Just to take a few moments and remember that you are a person too with your own likes and your own thoughts and your needs.  So, to all the parents out there that check your devices in front of your kids but you still listen to the stories, play the games, eat as a family, go to the park, act as their chauffer, to those parents I say, check on guilt free!  You are teaching your children, you are teaching them you how to manage their time, you are teaching them it's ok to see to their needs, you are teaching them it's ok to enjoy life.  When you post special things about them and they know, you are showing them that you care, that you are proud of them.  Mine will ask me to post pics sometimes.  lol  Also, mine like to watch me play my games, they'll climb in my lap and ask questions or tell me what moves to make.   The younger ones like to look at yarn-y pics with me, they'll ask me to search for certain things or characters.  I think its a special time.  :)  So, enjoy and let go of the guilt, love your children and use your devices responsibility.   :-D