Sunday, February 6, 2011

A typical Sunday at the Derrs? NOT today!!

Can I just start by saying I AM EXHAUSTED! started this am not feeling 100%, weird thing was I know I slept but I woke up feeling like I didn't get any sleep but had to pull myself out of bed bc we had a FULL day ahead of us that did not include our usual sunday nap! So here's a rundown of our day. before we left for church I had made ranch dip for tonight's game, spaghetti for our first sunday potluck lunch, nursed our youngest, picked out clothes for the little boys, gathered everything I needed for teaching the children's sunday school class, and painted finger and toe nails with our oldest! somehow we still managed to get to church right on time! I am teaching a western unit based on the two VeggieTales westerns about Joseph and Moses and started it today. I really love teaching little ones about the Bible. We had a good message by Jay, my sister's father-in-law. Then we enjoyed a potluck fellowship lunch but I was disappointed in my spaghetti, it seemed a tad dry. :( Then I reorganized our class materials while Honey took the babies across the street to his parent's house for the afternoon. After that I walked over to my Sis' house, the parsonage, and helped her finish cooking foods for the game. Is this where I insert I HATE FOOTBALL! but I love spending time with family. :) Glenn walked over with Keegan and Kayson for the game but Chris and Cayden wanted to stay with his parents. Kirsten was already there playing with my beautiful niece, Elizabeth. We had a good night even though it ended in mourning bc their team lost. Now we are home, babies are in bed and I really think that is where I need to be as I am having trouble forming complete thoughts that make sense!

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