Thursday, March 31, 2011

She's 10 already!!

The other day Kirsten had some clothes given to her and she was so excited, so we started going through them and some were a little more mature looking dresses and I realized that I couldn't come up with a valid excuse not to let her keep them bc she is growing up and wanting to look a little older and not so childish and I started crying. Watching my BABY girl trying on clothes and the smaller sizes not fitting and I just started thinking of when she was a baby and a little girl and she doesn't want to wear the baby doll dresses and bloomers anymore. Glenn was laughing at me but I was crying! We also had to have yet another modesty talk and I assured her that if she gave me a hard time about shirts underneath certain dresses or putting stretch pants/tights under shorter dresses/skirts that I would NOT let her keep them! I was very pleased when she wanted me to help her put them into outfits (I may not have the best fashion since but I know she will be covered!). :) She needs a new swimsuit this year and unless I can find another cute, stylish, MODEST one that is cheaper it looks like we will be spending around $70 for her a new one. The one we bought 2 summers ago is now too small. :( They are very cute and I still have mine. We bought them at . They are made by a homeschool family. I know some girls might give her a hard time but I want her to be appropriate in what she wears even for swimming. Underwear and anything that looks like it should be isn't anything anyone needs to be seeing you in! She thought it was neat though that the first year she went to church camp, she was the only girl that did not have to cover up her swimsuit to walk to the pool! I want her to be cute but I want people to see her beauty within and Christ shining through her and not be looking at other things! Oh, I just love my baby girl so much and thank God for her everyday!

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