Sunday, March 13, 2011


I plan 2 weeks worth of menus at a time (breakfast, lunch and dinner) and make my grocery list from that. We have a very tight budget and this helps me make sure that we have enough food to last till the next payday. Now none of this is "set in stone" and can be changed as needed but it gives me a good guideline and Kirsten and Chris like to "see what the menu says". One thing that they enjoy is they get to put one thing on the menu each week and I do my best to make sure it gets bought. Chris' favs are pringles (original) and he just recently requested CHOCOLATE ice cream! They look forward to these treats bc we can't afford them all the time. When we first started letting them choose, Kirsten ALWAYS chose grits! I got so tired of grits and I usually love them! lol. Seems like Glenn wants to challenge me, quite often he will request something I have never made before! Another thing I do is if something happens (like mama feeds us!) :) then I put what we didn't eat on the next set of menus bc I have already bought the stuff for it so it just helps with the next checks grocery $. Menus were Glenn's idea and I thought I would hate it but then my OCD took over and I made it more detailed (he was thinking just planning dinner) and now I love it! It is nice when I am having a hard time with brain freezes and can't make decisions and that is one thing that is already decided for me!

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