Monday, March 28, 2011

remodel days (lost count!)

I am behind in writing about our remodeling progress, so here is an update. As the week came to a close the remodel hasn't. They got a lot done but there is still some more to do and as I look at our weeks ahead I wonder when they are going to find the time! Honey doesn't want the cubbies used till they are coated with the clear stuff and that is really hard on the babies, they are so excited! It is cold here today and I am typing this while sitting at the park watching Chris' soccer practice and my fingers keep hitting the wrong keys bc they are soooo cold! lol back to the room, they got almost all the sheetrock up and some plugs in, we bought a door. now they have to get the door in, do all the mudding and painting and they still have to replace the little patch of carpet that got all nasty with the leak. It is looking so great though! I am so proud of the men and all the hard work they have done. I am so grateful to have a daddy that would take a week of his vacation time to work on our house! Now if I can just get the clothes all done and organized and out of my living room! the only person completely done is Kayson! Am I the only one that takes almost 2 weeks to get it all done? I sure hope not! Everytime I try to think of a way to make it go faster and be more organized with the switching of the seasonal clothes it just never seems to work, still takes me awhile! oh well, it is what it is. :)

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