Tuesday, March 1, 2011

funnies, take 2!

ok, let me try this once again and see if I can keep from erasing everything I type! still don't know what I did last night! Cayden comes out of his room with his elmo costume (a shirt type costume with an elmo head hood) on and Keegan (the one that has been refusing to start talking) says "melmo!" so then Cayden puts "melmo" on Keegan who promptly walks over to Kayson who starts SCREAMING! As I am wondering why I pick him up and calm him down and then he looks back at "melmo" and starts SCREAMING again! Keegan puts the hood down and Kayson becomes all smiley! lol, a few minutes later I am holding Kayson helping Cayden read a book on the ipad and here comes Keegan with the hood up again and Kayson starts shaking and SCREAMING! He is scared of the Elmo costume!! so the next thing I know is Keegan had left the room and came back and was standing there when all the sudden I see this shooting stream! I look and he has NO diaper on! so I get him cleaned up (elmo now needs laundered so Kayson doesn't have to be scared till then) and a clean diaper on then go in search of his other diaper (I know he had one on bc I had changed him that am!) When I can't find it, Kirsten suggests the trash so I look and guess what?! it is there and wet! He had taken it off and thrown it away! Today we spent the afternoon/evening at my mom's so we were getting ready to leave and Kirsten and Chris had already went out the door and I realize the house is locked! I find them sitting on the porch and Kirsten informs me that she had tried to use her pocket knife to unlock the door! apparently she has seen her daddy do it! My own daughter tried to break into my house! lol

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