Thursday, March 24, 2011

remodel days 5 & 6

here I am once again to tell you how are house is progressing, Honey and daddy have finished building the cubbies! 9 of them! They look so excellent! I am so proud of the men! Now they have to paint them and sheetrock the extension of our bedroom which I think I will dub the sitting room. (side note: just heard italian music from a passing car as I sit here at the park for Chris' soccer practice, holding Kayson, typing one-handed, watching Cayden play, all while feeling like crying for a reason I cannot yet disclose) now I am home, dinner has been ate and 3 babies bathed so I sit here typing while waiting for the water to heat back up to get the other ones clean. I had to stop typing bc Kayson got hungry and then Cayden was running (barefoot) on the concrete and tripped, scraped up his toes and knee pretty good! I had to go get the first aid kit and patch him up. I told him to "come here so I can doctor you" to which he said "Mama, you're not a doctor!" lol I had to lay Kayson on a blanket on the grass so I could have both my hands but he was happy and cooing. All the babies are stuffy and coughing a little (allergies and I think all the dust being stirred up at the house)so we have decided to spend the night at my parents tonight, they all got benadryl and will sleep with a vaporizer running so I am hoping everyone will feel better tomorrow. Busy day tomorrow so I better finish getting babies clean and then in bed!

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  1. Totally understand the stuffy noses etc. All the kids seem to be bothered by the pollen this Benadryl before bed.
    We are currently in a remodel ourselves. We are turning the garage into the master if we could just get a free evening to go get more supplies.
    Every night it seems as though there is baseball, twirling, church, sleepovers, or just plain being tired. I though spring would bring some rest/lol