Thursday, March 17, 2011

Happy Green Day!

A 16-year old British boy was once taken prisoner by invading raiders from another land. He served as a slave for six years and, during that time of captivity, turned to the faith of his father and became a devout follower of Jesus Christ. Eventually, he escaped. Many years later, he returned to the land of his captors to minister to the small Christian population there and to share the Gospel with others. That boy's name was Patrick and his mission work took place in Ireland. Just as Paul connected with his audience in the New Testament in relevant ways to share the Good News, Patrick used Irish customs and symbols to connect his audience with his message. For example, he used the three-leaf shamrock to illustrate the Trinity and superimposed the sun, a dominate Irish symbol, on the cross so that acceptance of this symbol of Christianity would come more naturally. (Today, we know it as the Celtic cross.) I think this is such a neat story! I have always loved the celtic cross and now I know why it is different! pretty cool. spent the day with friends that don't celebrate with pinching which was good bc I forgot all about wearing green today! can you imagine if I gave my boys permission to pinch someone?? well maybe we shouldn't imagine that! too scary! lol, well I have to go get two little uns out of a bath after they get a good scrubbing! :)

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