Friday, March 11, 2011


wow, I haven't typed up a blog in awhile. Sorry to all of you who anxiously await my writings, assuming you do. :) ok, so here are a few happenings at the Derr house! Enjoy! So many times I think throughout the day: OH, I should blog that. but then when I sit down to do the actual typing I am usually so tired I just sit there in front of my blank screen with an equally blank mind so I have decided to keep notes on what I think you might enjoy or what I would like to remember and then when I sit down to type all I have to do is check my notes. :) On 3-9-11 Kayson had his first mashed bananas, he seemed to enjoy them. Then I was holding Kayson wrapped in a light blanket and Keegan wanted to know where his "feet go?" and had to move the blanket over to find Kayson's feet. lol so cute! Then Keegan starts waving Kayson's arms, saying, "fly, fly, fly" and Kayson is smiling and laughing!! :D We went to a pizza place in Marshall for the first time (Larry's Pizza) to celebrate Honey being on spring break and really enjoyed it, good pizza, good service, great atmosphere! They even had a loaded baked potato pizza!! I had never eaten a potato pizza before, I loved it! Cayden was practicing his Ii's and other letters and started singing Jingle Bells! Kayson has started saying, "dadadadadadadada" - Kirsten claims it is his first word and of course Glenn concurs! "that's my boy!" he says! Keegan wanted "another cookie" and pouted (complete with stuck out lip) at all gone. Then they were ALL laughing at me bc the boys were in bed and Chris was yelling Keegan who was pulling on and extension cord that was hanging from the top bunk onto the bottom bunk for plugging in various electronics (I have told them numerous times NO cords in bed, it scares me to pieces!) so I climbed halfway up the side (no ladder to keep Keegan off!) to untangle the cord from the top, got that done, took one look down and couldn't move! (yes, scared of heights) Chris had to go get Glenn (who threatened to video and post it) to come help me!! sososososo mean of all of them to laugh at me! ok I will leave you with one last funny, I was letting Kirsten read an FB post and I had wrote =D in it and she says, "what does the equals d mean?" took me a second to get it and then I just had to laugh! I turned the netbook sideways and she saw the smile then. guess it is all in how you look at it! oops that was a lesson wrapped in a funny and I didn't even realize it at first! Sometimes I really need to let God change the way I see things! love to all, sweet dreams, God bless and prayers to Japan!

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