Sunday, April 17, 2011

sorry its been so long!

wow, it has been weeks since I have blogged anything, things got so extra busy and with Glenn in school it feels like he is never home. I feel so stressed and behind and like I just can't catch up on anything, the house, the babies' school, posting pics on fb, the blog. I still need to blog about family reunion and camping among other things. Kirsten is getting over being sick, a tummy something, Easter is upon us, a very busy week next week, our used curriculum sale for CHEC is tomorrow, I am soooo excited, I LOVE books, especially used, cheap ones! I wonder how much od next years curriculum I can find? I am using mostly BJU next year! Wed night at church we are having communion and feet washing! it has been years since I have participated in a feet washing, I have such fond memories of them! sooo excited! not many churches do them anymore. of course there is still soccer this week and preparing for the egg hunt at church and our family hunt on Sun. I love hunts, all those bright egga with prizes inside all over the place and this year we are having an adult hunt! should be so much fun! and Easter dinner at my mama's house. I don'y know if I will be able to find more blogging time, we shall see how this week goes, by night time, I am exhausted! Hey, though, Kayson is starting to sleep through the night! woke up the other night and he was hugging my arm! sooo sweet! :) well speaking of Kayson, he is awake from his nap and hungry now, talk to ya later!

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