Monday, March 21, 2011

remodel days 1 & 2

so, Glenn and daddy took this week off to redo/remodel the room right off of ours. The roof had a leak and we decided to move the wall over about 2 feet. This will open up our entry area and form a little sitting area as part of our master bedroom! I will try to write each day about our progress. Saturday they fixed the roof leak, took them all morning but they worked hard! Glenn had never worked on a roof before and didn't even think about the sun. :( He has a very red neck! Tomorrow they will start demolition! I got the room all cleaned out yesterday so it is ready to be demolished. I have also started the biannual sorting of the clothes, time to put all the winter clothes away and get out the summer ones. Decisions, decisions, so hard to make sometimes! seems like such a feat to get all of the clothes sorted into get rid of, keep wear now, keep grow into, keep next season piles and then all put away, not to mention trying to get all the dirty clothes clean and sorted too. Our living room is full of clothes everywhere. Such a busy busy week ahead. Sunday was a day of rest! So Glenn and daddy decided that resting meant driving into Tyler to pick up a puppy! She is half german shepherd and half golden retriever. Her name is Dixie! the babies wanted to call her Winn Dixie bc of the movie but my mama and daddy said no, let's just call her Dixie. She is real cute!


  1. We are in the process of turning out garage into the master bedroom...meaning the kids will have one side of the house and our room will be on the main side of the house. Satruday we removed the garage door and cleaned it out and took measurements. Now for cleaning it and taking some time to get a new wall built!!
    Isnt remodeling fun?!!!