Tuesday, March 15, 2011


I think eggs are a funny thing, you can do so many things with them and make them taste so many different ways. Everybody has their preferences on how to eat them and just bc you like an egg one way does not mean you will like it a different way. We had eggs for breakfast 3 days last week and everytime it was like a different meal. We all like scrambled eggs but Glenn doesn't like scrambled egg casserole (scrambled eggs with tater tots, cheese, chopped turkey, ham or bacon bits) that much and yet we all love quiche! We all love a good hard boiled egg but Glenn and the babies don't like deviled eggs and I love them! especially with bacos. :) Kirsten says, "you can scramble em, hard boil em, sunnyside up em and then you get egg crazy and then their eggcellent!" lol Mmmm...sunnyside up or over medium eggs! gotta love some runny yolks! :) Glenn likes those with grits, I like them with hashbrowns. Cayden likes ranch on his eggs (all kinds) and Kirsten drenches hers in ketchup! Oh, yes, and we can't forget a good scrambled egg sandwich! soooo good! Eggs for breakfast, eggs for lunch, eggs for dinner, I think maybe we need some chickens! lol all this talk of the versatility off eggs kinda makes me think of potatos and all the things you can do with one of those too! Oh, but maybe that should be a discussion for another time, or maybe you just get the idea! :) lol

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