Tuesday, March 22, 2011

remodel day 4

Today started out with the guys working on the floor, daddy got it all patched up and then they did the ceiling, it's not popcorned or painted but there isn't a hole anymore. We spent a good part of the day trying to decide how to work out our coat cubbies that we wanted, the wall we wanted to move is a support wall so daddy wanted to build the cubbies all the way up to be the support. We had looked for some but all of them were not the dimensions we wanted (too small) and would end up costing us about $500. So I went with Glenn to Lowes to find the right wood for building it. If we bought the precut, prepackaged boards for the walls of them it would cost about $350. Well I found some boards that we had Lowes cut to the right depth for us, had some left over to make the shelves with and it all only cost $250! :) I went through Kirsten's clothes today, took one look at all the keep clothes and decided that we need to go through them again with a fine tooth comb! lol! I had a meeting with some CHEC moms today at Chick Fil A to plan for the used booksale, I am going to make it an fb event and be a floater at the sale. I am so excited, I love books and getting them for cheap! I am planning our curriculum for next year and need to figure out how much $ I need and how much I have left for the sales. Kirsten is also planning on saving $ so she can shop too! :)

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