Sunday, March 6, 2011

Identifying your impossible people

The Critic - constantly complains (about you) and gives unwanted advice (in the prescence of others)
The Martyr - forever the victim and wracked with self-pity
The Wet Blanket - pessimistic and automatically negative
The Steamroller - blindly insensitive to others (just doesn't care how you feel or how things affect you)
The Gossip - spreads rumors and leaks secrets
The Control Freak - unable to let go and let be (my way or the highway type person)
The Backstabber - irrepressibly two-faced
The Cold Shoulder - disengages and avoids contact
The Green-Eyed Monster - seethes with envy (seethes seems like such a fun word to say)
The Volcano - builds steam and is ready to erupt (my children seem to turn up my heat quite often!)
The Sponge - constantly in need but gives nothing back (heard this said of babies, that they just take take take and yes, babies are a lot of work and they do take alot but I think what they do give back is priceless and worth it all! their love and their trust, their smiles, they are glad to see you no matter what, that is what makes it all worth it!)
The Competitor - keeps track of tit for tat
The Workhorse - always pushes and is never satisfied
The Flirt - Imparts innuendoes, which may border on harassment
The Chameleon - eager to please and avoids conflict
(parenthesis are my words)
from High-Maintenance Relationships by Les Parrott III PH.D.

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