Saturday, March 5, 2011

The high-maintenance self-test

By answering these questions you can assess whether or not you are in a high-maintenance relationship. Answer each item carefully and honestly.
(questions with stars are my yesses)
Do you feel especially anxious when a particular person has called and left a message for you to return the call?
*Have you recently been dealing with a relationship that drains you of enthusiasm and energy?*
Do you sometimes dread having to see or talk to a particular person at work or in a social situation?
Do you have a relationship in which you give more than you get in return?
*Do you find yourself second-guessing your own performance as a result of an interaction with this person?*
*Do you become more self-critical in the presence of this person?*
*Is your creativity blocked, or is your clarity of mind hampered somewhat, by the lingering discomfort of having to deal with a difficult person?*
*Do you try to calm yourself after being with this person by eating more, biting your nails, or engaging in some other unhealthy habit?*
**Do you ever have imaginary conversations with this person or mental arguments in which you defend yourself or try to explain your side of a conflict?** (I thought I was the only one that did this!)
Have you become more susceptible to colds, stomach problems, or muscle tension since having to deal with this difficult person?
*Do you feel resentful that this person seems to treat other people better than she or he treats you?*
*Do you find yourself wondering why this person singles you out for criticism but rarely acknowledges things you do well?*
Have you thought about quitting your job as a result of having to interact with this difficult person?
*Have you noticed that you are more irritable or impatient with people you care about because of leftover frustrations from your interaction with this difficult person?*
*Are you feeling discouraged that this person has continued to drain you of energy despite your efforts to improve the relationship?*
Scoring: Total the number of yesses(10). 10 or more, you are certainly in a high-maintenance relationship.
Taken from the book "High-Maintenance Relationships" by Les Parrott III PH.D.
sord of makes ya think doesn't it?

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