Monday, March 21, 2011

Day 3 remodel

After a night of little sleep due to a teething baby, the demolition started this am, They took all the paneling off the walls and the insulation out of the outside walls. When they got into the wall they found more damage then we originally thought and ended up having to take the siding off the outside and replace some of the wallboards. They also found 2 holes in the flooring when they pulled that corner of the carpet up and those will need to be fixed, I think that is on the agenda tomorrow along with patching the ceiling that daddy cut out and pulled down, he had insulation falling all around him. I made cinnamon toast for breakfast and my mama made spam and noodles for lunch and tatertot casserole for dinner. I didn't get as much done on the clothes as I would have liked so my living room is still covered in them. When they started pulling the walls down and were finding bugs and spraying the bug stuff (which smelled up the house) I decided to jump ship and abandoned my house for my mama's! Went back a little later to see about working on the clothes some more and found insulation falling out of the ceiling and Honey and daddy wearing face masks! Decided that I was going back to my mama's house. Kirsten really helped alot today with Kayson, I even got a nap. I made the three older boys spend the morning outside, it was such a beautiful day! Cayden and Keegan got so filthy and nasty that I couldn't let them eat lunch that way, so they got sink baths in my mama's kitchen before they ate and then lunch and after naps! Keegan took a nap with Marmie and Cayden took his with me. All in all I think it has been a wonderful and productive day.

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