Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Kayson Strong as an Eagle Day 24

Monday 2-12-18
He looks so cute in his new Chewy PJs from the Disney Store.  Everyone likes them.  lol.  Speech fed him some pudding!!!  Woohoo!!  They put him on a soft diet.  One step closer to real food and no tube!  He told the floor doc Good Morning!  It is so super exciting to hear him talking more and more everyday!  His daddy stayed with him overnight and I drove myself to RMH.  I haven't drove anywhere these last three weeks and I hate dallas traffic and parking garages!  not just driving in the garages but just being in them.  They are so creepy!  So I get to the hospital and can't find a spot to park!  I drove around for about 25 min before I called Glenn to come rescue me.  He gets down there and still can't find a spot either, we ended up just using valet bc we were anxious to get back up to baby boy and not leave him alone too long.  I get upstairs and he won't talk to me, I think he was mad at me for leaving.  Glenn said he did ask for me once through the night.  Then they say that bc his left eye was droopy this am they want to do an MRI just to check.  so we have more waiting.  This is such a roller coaster and the waiting is so hard but we were glad when he came back that he did not need any sedation.  Later that evening we found out that the MRI was good so that was a huge relief.  He also got to have music therapy, that is so neat!  and he sang Jingle bells, batman smells for them!  LOL, BOYS!!!  He told me he was hungry so we ordered him some smashed bananas, he didn't like them.  Then he fell sleep.  We were kinda getting cabin fever so Glenn went down to the gift shop and bought two decks of cards and we played golf till he woke up from his nap.  We tied!  We sure love to play games.

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