Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Kayson Strong as an Eagle Day 48

Friday 3-9-18
GOING HOME DAY!!!!!!!!!!
7 weeks!
3 1/2 at the big hospital, two of which were in ICU, 3 1/2 at rehab!
Daddy and Keegan drove in to help us get everything home.  We got discharged, we ate lunch at RMH and the boys got to see the playrooms and playground for a short bit.  Then Keegan rode with us to be with Kayson.  They were talking and laughing and so excited and looking for games on the iPad.  Brothers!!!!  It was so great to hear and see!  We got to the edge of Dallas and I cried!  Oh the feels, oh the emotions, they were everywhere!  like, I almost couldn't believe it actually happened and we were actually headed HOME!  We stopped at Texas Best and the boys picked a snack.  These normal things that we took for granted and just getting to watch Kayson do them again, they aren't really words.  We picked Kalani up on our way through longview and then we arrived home.  The school kids were already home.  Meme and Aunt Sherrie both stopped by.  The boys played Legos and we watched Annie, the new one.  Kalani signed all done at dinner.  Oh, HOME, have I mentioned we are HOME!  All together under one roof again!  The joy and the fear and just the deep deep emotions, some of which I absolutely didn't expect!  I wanted to cry and laugh and cry.  Kayson's "room" is now right off of our bedroom, it's what was our "sitting" room, although it was never used for "sitting" LOL.  Him and Keegan always slept together before so they did this night.  I can already tell we are all sleeping better.  Then Cayden of course didn't want to sleep in their big room all alone, so he is on our floor.  Kalani is still in our room too.  Why do we even have a multiple room house?!?  LOL  Now the readjusting begins................

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