Thursday, March 22, 2018

Kayson Strong as an Eagle ~ Adjusting

Sorry I have been MIA for a little.  We are adjusting to all being under one roof again.  The almost two weeks we have been home have been awesome and stressful and full of joy, thankfulness, fear, uncertainty, changes, appointments and so much, well, just, life.  Where to begin?  CHURCH!  It has been so wonderful to worship with our Jesus family once again!  There just aren't words strong enough to describe the love and the joy and the belonging!  Glenn has went back to work.  We are currently trying to juggle all the places we need to be with only one vehicle as our family one is so sick and in a car-hospital with very kind people trying to help it live for us.  This is making baseball season super interesting.  Games have started.  I love so much that Cayden and Keegan get to play this year!  We had some very generous benefactors pay for their registration and everything they needed (including new bats bc the rules changed this year!).  Also other wonderful peoples have provided rides to them when needed to practices.  Speaking of sports, Chris is running track this season, he has to be at the school at 6 in the ams for practice!  Oh my thats early for this mama!  We also enrolled Keegan in school to keep him from getting behind.  With all Kayson's therapies and Dallas trips, I was worried about keeping him home still.  I sure do miss my Keegan though!  Kayson has had his evaluations for his therapies and we are waiting to hear when they will all start.  We will also be in Dallas most of the week of Apr. 3rd.  He has an MRI on apr. 4 and an appt with Hematology.  Then on Apr 6 he has an hour long evaluation with the doc that will do his dyslexia testing.  He is also being referred to an audiologist to test his hearing.  Kirsten is still dealing with her migraines and daily headaches.  If her pediatrician can't help her get them under control, he is going to refer her to Kayson's neurologist in Dallas.  We have so much going on and I feel so tired, sometimes I even feel all alone, I know I'm not really but it is a feeling occasionally.  My mom brought us dinner once this week.  That was such a nice treat, I am so bad in the kitchen and feel like when we are running so much that I fall so short of feeding my family well.  Some of the medical bills have started arriving, wow, some of those numbers are mind blowing!  Thankfully our insurance is really covering the vast majority of it so our part, though not so small to us, is very small in comparison to what they have and are paying.  My house isn't so organized like it was and I don't know where anything is anymore and I feel like I can't keep up with the dishes and laundry and everyday mess.  This year was supposed to be our 10th annual Sams trip and that hasn't happened.  We are out of so much and I don't see us being able to get it all.  Thats hard bc then we will have to think about all that throughout the year and somehow fit it in the budget.  I've gotten so used to not having to worry about paper products and cleaning supplies throughout the year.  lol.  But Kayson is doing so well and we are still so thankful.  Please continue to keep us in your prayers as we navigate through all the crazy scheduling and try to meet everyones needs and get everyone where they need to be and still enjoy one another and support one another.  I just feel like my brain is so fried.  lol

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