Thursday, March 1, 2018

Kayson Strong as an Eagle Day 36

Saturday 2-24-18
Our babies are here!!!!!  Breakfast at Chick-Fil-A!  This CFA even had spinners for sale!  Everybody (well, all the minors) got one cept little baby girl got a cow instead, lol.  :) Then to the Dallas World Aquarium were we also met some close friends.  I love these outings with my babies!  I miss Kayson but I am also thankful for these opportunities to enjoy my other precious babies too.  I love being a mother, I love the different stages we are at.  Each child just adds so much to our family, I just can't imagine life without any of them!  Whatever sacrifices we have to make individually or as a family bc there are so many of us are worth each and every child.  They are all my miracles and my sunshines!  There have been days that these preciouses are the only reason I get up, my reason for pushing through, the reasons I seek a way to be ok even in the moments I feel like there is no hope.  My babies, my light, my God-given miracles!  The aquarium was so neat!  Such beauty!  God is so amazing!  His art is just, wow!  The fish and the coral and the colors, wow!  I love the photo ops.  Oh and I bought a fidget spinner pen for myself!  I'm actually sitting here spinning it when I need to think about wording or what to type about next, lol.  It's orange, Kayson's "second favorite" color.  Then we headed to the Magic Time Machine for lunch bc Kirsten is the only one who's been and she wants us to experience it so bad but it was already getting late and there was an hour and a half wait!  So we ended up at Friday's (It's been years since I've been there and we've never taken the babies there and actually we can't remember ever eating there together, how does that happen? lol!)  When we walked in the hostess asked about our matching shirts so I was able to tell her about Kayson and she almost cried and the lady who came to take us to our seats listened too and the manager even came over and asked our story.  I guess that's where we were supposed to eat that day.  Then we went back and the kids got to visit with Kayson for a little bit but they left when he got a headache.  It scared me, even though the docs had said he would still have them and pretty much confirmed that they are migraines.  I just about wanted to demand they take him for an MRI.  I knew he wasn't acting like before/during the stroke but was acting like it was a migraine, like the ones before.  He got some tylenol and had a nap and woke up ready for dinner and a shower.  I was so thankful.  I know I will be jumpy every headache or stomach bug for awhile!

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