Sunday, July 27, 2014

Vacay Day 7 – Start HOME!

8:00a – Wake up, breakfast, load Silver, unhook trailer, dump trailer, send everyone to the restroom, lets get going!
9:30a – Goodbye state park, first movie playing on the Derr Mobile Theater, math paces are being worked on, I’m catching up on the vacay days on the blog.
11:00a – Goodbye FLORIDA!  L Let’s turn around, please!  lol  Oh no, traffic!!!  Thought we would never get off that bridge!  Pretty scenery though!
12:30p – another tunnel!  I really don’t like those!  However, I tolerated this one better, I didn’t freak!  lol  Pretty buildings!  I love columns!  and the trees!  There were beautiful trees too!  :) Lunch at Wendy’s.  Then we gave everyone their candy from the candy shop for dessert.
2:00p – Mississippi!  More driving, more movies, more math, crocheting on Honey’s blanket, a pit stop here and there, a new idea for a reward system for school next year!  Then finding a treasure at a gas station for the new reward system!  J
5:00p – make it to Jackson.  Find an RV park for the night.  WHEW, its HOT!!!  The RV is stifling!  Walked the babies to the playground while Honey hooks up.  I think I might be melting!
6:30p – resting in the rv with a vent blowing directly on me, trying to get cool enough to think about dinner!  Then a dinner of leftovers and Sandlot 2.  More crocheting on my stripey blanket.
9:30p – BEDTIME!!!

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