Saturday, July 26, 2014

Vacay day 5 – RAIN!

The clouds were so beautiful this am!  So fluffy!  We got out to the beach and got everything set up, were already playing in the water and I started noticing dark clouds out in the ocean and they came closer and closer and closer till they rained on us!  That was fun.  The ocean water was cooler and felt great, after the rain the sand was cool to walk on.  I saw three fish about a foot long swimming together and we saw lots of little bitty fishes everywhere.  It was neat to be out in the ocean during the rain.  Kayson and I played in the sand for a little bit.  Then we took the kids up to the park pavilion bc they were having a wildlife demonstration.  That was neat.  We saw an owl, so pretty and majestic.  They brought two baby opossoms.  They were so cute and tiny.  Then we had a little more beach time before heading back to the campsite for lunch.  We had jumbo black olives with lunch and the boys loved putting them on their fingers!  Then it was rest time.  Glenn and I laid down and the babies watched a movie.  Kirsten had me show her how to get my blog on her phone and she started reading it from the very beginning.  She would be like Mama you put that in the blog and I would be like yea, I wanted to remember it!  lol  We had baked (on the grill) potatos for dinner.  Mmmmmm……those were good!  Great flavor!  I crocheted some on my stripey blanket that evening.  I love watching yarn turn into something beautiful!

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