Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Vacay day 8 - arrive home!

oops, I realized I totally forgot to blog about arriving home!  lol, so here goes.
9 am - up and getting going.  already had breakfast and loaded up and getting gas.
10 am - Hello Louisiana.  Pit stop at a Pilot.  Glenn found a cool Key chain with lots of little clips attached to it that he got for his keys.
12 pm - Lunch!  Stopped at Duck Dynasty.  The store was closed but we decided to stop and get some pics.  I was surprised at how many people were stopped to take pics even with the store closed. Then we went to Willie's Duck Diner.  That was neat and the food was good.  A guy from the show was walking around with a duck call and shook Chris's hand.  I loved the biscuits!  Glenn loved the banana pudding!
4 pm - TEXAS!  Felt so good to be back in our home state.  Stopped at the visitor's center for a pit stop.  That is a nice one!
5 pm - HOME!  Glenn and the kids got the trailer unloaded while I worked on school packets for the next week.  It was good to be home.
I'm sure I would've had more to say if I had done this sooner!  lol

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