Friday, July 25, 2014

Vacay day 4 – more BEACH!

Have I mentioned I LOVE the BEACH?!?!?  lol  Same plan as yesterday, up, breakfast and find the beach!.  We saw a beautiful yellow classic car in Destin.  The plates said California, wow, that was a long drive!  J  When we made it out to the beach and chose our spot it was right by a big sea turtle someone had made out of sand.  That was neat!  Although, it wasn’t there by the time we left, Kayson has this thing for stepping on sand sculptures!  lol  His age???  We found more clams, they are fascinating creatures.  More waves, love standing out and just letting them hit me.  I would love a float for that but the babies usually confiscate those!  J  I put some sand and water and clams in my hand to see if they would dig and they did.  It tickled.  That was neat and I even got a neat video of it!  I am not normally a big fan of selfies but I have actually taken quite a few on this trip.  lol, sometimes its about the only way I get in a pic unless I specifically tell Honey he needs to take pics.  J  I love taking pics of the waves.  The ocean is so amazing.  God is so amazing to create something so very beautiful for us to enjoy!  I love our beach umbrella, it has such vibrant colors!  A lot of people have one exactly like ours though.  lol, guess they shop at Sams too.  At lunch we introduced our babies to the movie Sandlot.  They loved it!  Before dinner we took the boys to the playground for a little bit.  Then dinner, then bed.  J

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