Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Vacay day 1 – Let’s get there!

4:30 rise and shine and get moving!  It was shortly after 5 when we were pulling out.  All babies were awake and asking for a movie.  No one was hungry yet and we were all anxious to get started!
7:30 Gas and potty stop!  Wouldn’t you know the one we find in the middle of no where is under remodel and we have the privilege of using their Porta-Potties!  Lol  We decided to drive down through “Lousy”-ana so we would be along the coast for the rest of the trip.  I think we may go back a different way just bc.
8:30 Breakfast!  Woohoo, found a Cracker Barrel!  Love that place!  Kirsten wanted floppy bacon but it came out too floppy!  lol  so she didn’t want it but Keegan decided he wanted it but he likes crispy bacon!  We sent it back and it came back to us crispy alright!  lol  He didn’t want the “black” parts so I ate them!  Mmmm.  J
9:30 back on the road again.  Babies are listening to Charlotte’s Web book on CD and the three olders are working on math.  I take this time to go through pics from my camera so it will be empty for vacay photos!  Had a few pit stops a long the way, just traveling on.  Crocheted some on Honey’s blanket I’m making for him.
1:30 Lunch!  Babies are hungry.  Charlotte’s web ended and movies began.  Chris and I want Arby’s and the other kiddos want McDonald’s.  Since we are pulling the RV, no drive-throughs.  Honey waited in Silver while I ran in and got food in both places.  The littles were super excited to get Mario toys with their happy meals and Kayson carried his Yoshi around for two days!  Lol
2:30 finally said goodbye to “Lousy”-ana!  Also began to hit some traffic.  Started seeing some interesting clouds, checked radar, looked like we were going to drive straight into a storm!  Passed an accident, looked like a rear ending with one car spun all the way around.  More traffic, lots of rain and some thunder.
4:30 Hello Alabama!  We had stopped at a Love’s before leaving Mississippi and the babies were excited about it and talking about stopping at another one on another trip with Papaw!  J  Then we found more traffic!  But I was able to get a good pic of a cool car as we passed it slowly.  Then we got to Mobile.  Wow, they have some really interesting buildings!  Even the jail was neat.  However, that tunnel was NOT neat at all!!!!  I almost cried, the kids loved it!  I don’t think of myself as claustrophobic but I do not handle tunnels or caves or parking garages well!
6:30 FLORIDA!!!  We had made it to Florida!  We stopped at the visitors center but they had already closed.  L  We did get a pic with a neat Dolphin statue.  The two littlest had got small naps.  We were starting to get hungry and we were tired but we were trying to make it to the campsite while we still had some daylight so Honey could get the RV set up.  We saw 10 deer as we were driving.  They are such pretty creatures.
7:30 Arrive at campsite!  Whew!  Glenn gets the RV set up, I read the park rules and make a trip to the bathroom with babies.

8:30 Dinner!  Honey went to get Little Ceasers.  After dinner was bedtime!  We were so glad to be here but we were exhausted!  I think a 9 hr drive in one day is too much.  Ahhhh…..sleep!  J

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