Saturday, July 26, 2014

Vacay day 6 – Last Beach Day

We arrive at the beach.  Kayson decides he doesn’t want to play in the water so he spends the morning sitting in the shade of the umbrella, playing in the sand.  Keegan finally decides its ok to out a little farther in a floatie with the big kids.  This is the second day I have had my camera, not just my phone, out on the beach.  When I wasn’t using it to take pics, I had it in a Ziploc baggie to protect it.  I think I got some pretty neat pics, maybe I will have some time to look at them while we travel home.  Kirsten still wore a tshirt under her swimsuit, I didn’t.  We both had been to protect our shoulders bc we got burned the second day.  :-/  You could tell we were all tired, we had some not so great attitudes a few times that day but we still had a great day.  There were some storms around us, didn’t rain on us but the wind picked up pretty good!  The waves were stronger and our umbrella almost blew over, we had to lower it and our floats started to blow away.  One of the zebra floats got away and we couldn’t catch it and landed on the dunes.  Well, the dunes are roped off and you aren’t allowed on them, understandably so.  So, we are minus one $2 zebra float.  We could see it just sitting there stuck on the dune, everytime we walked passed someone would look for it and say hey there is our zebra float, I see it and everyone else would stop and look for it!  lol, I know, we’re weird!  J  Then it was lunchtime.  We brought a picnic lunch and ate it under the park pavilion.  We went back to the beach and all worked together to build a sand “castle” well, it really ended up being more of a sand “city” compete with a moat, volcano, tunnel and even the Dallas Cowboys stadium!  lol  That was fun.  I went to find some clams to decorate it with and felt something bigger when I dug my hand down a little, picked it up, realized their was legs attached to it, scared me and I tossed it and saw the crab scamper off really quick!!  lol  Then everyone got tired of building.  Kirsten went to read under the umbrella, I got back in the ocean with Keegan and Cayden.  Everyone was tired though and we soon left.  I almost cried!  We wanted to see a little more of Destin, we found a build your own frozen yogurt shop.  Mmmmm, that was good.  Then we found a local candy shop with some really cool candy you don’t find that often.  Everybody go to pick something for later.  Then we went “souvenir” shopping at Walmart.  I got a cool Destin magnet, Kirsten got a little jar with colored sand and little shells in it, Chris wanted a deck of cards and all the boys got Ninja Turtle masks!  We decided to splurge and eat out since it was our last night in Florida.  We found a restaurant that reminded us of Bennigan’s called Beef O’Brady’s.  It was good.  The boys enjoyed the baseball game that was on the big screen TVs that were everywhere!  J  Then it was back to the RV for some sleep!

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