Thursday, July 24, 2014

Vacay day 3 – BEACH!

Today we followed our plan!  J  We got up and had breakfast and got swimsuits on and headed into Destin!  Now we knew where to go!  When we arrived at the State Park, we discovered they had a red flag out.  A red flag means to swim with caution bc the water is rough.  The waves were awesome!!!  We did tell Cayden he couldn’t use a big float bc the water was too rough and Kirsten had already been knocked off hers and hit her head on the sand!  She was alright but did rest for a little bit bc she had a headache at first.  Kinda scared me a little.  I love just laying on the shore and letting the waves wash over me!  We discovered lots of little clams and put them in a pail where we got to watch their fingers come out.  We also got to see them digging into the sand before the waves came to wash them away!  The Littles enjoyed riding their daddy in the waves!  Glenn buried his legs in the sand and Kayson tried to copy him.  After we were back at the campsite, I took Keegan and Cayden to the restrooms, on our walk back, we found a snail.  Keegan carried it back to the RV to show everyone and it came out in his hand.    Honey and I took naps after lunch, then he ran to get mustard and we had chilidogs for dinner.

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